Our PR Approach to Social Media Campaigns

Our PR Approach to Social Media Campaigns

Here at GRC, our client teams are fully engaged in planning, implementing and measuring social media campaigns.  Adding recognized value to our overall PR efforts on behalf of wireless and mobile tech clients, GRC has established a proven track record with these campaigns.  Our team of PR professionals continues to hone our collective social media expertise with a hands-on approach that allows us to keep up with (and ideally stay ahead of) this ever-evolving area of communications.

So, what makes us so successful?  GRC takes a measured approach to social media, setting our campaigns apart from the hasty bandwagon efforts that often lead to a weaker social media presence.  That’s not to say that you shouldn’t jump in and get your social media bearings – perhaps through your own personal LinkedIn, Learned Twitter or YouTube account.  (If not, wholesale jerseys see our tips for getting started.)  We all have to start somewhere.  Our approach really matters when it comes to our clients because major corporations, publicly traded companies, trade associations and nonprofits have great potential to reach and influence their key audiences through social media.

Every expert, organization and opinion leader wants to have a Twitter handle or a Facebook Fan page these days.  cheap NFL jerseys We’ve discovered that it’s not rocket science to dream up a clever alias and start posting pithy updates to your community of choice.  But, what happens when your community members actually get engaged?  Do you know what you’ll do when they start tweeting back questions, reviewing your products health in LinkedIn discussions or posting irrelevant photos to your Fan page?  Beyond the considerable amount of time and effort required to maintain your social media channels, you’ve got to have a plan.

That’s where our approach to social media comes in. It is built on research, planning, implementation and evaluation, very much like a traditional public relations program.  Each step of the process links back to the previous step.  Our initial research gives us the insight to develop a plan, then our plan guides the campaign’s implementation.  Finally, we measure and evaluate the results of the implemented campaign.  Evaluation drives SingleMinded the future of your campaign. What worked and what did not? We build on these experiences and continuously improve our social media programs to make them more effective.

We don’t plan campaigns without a strategic and measurable goal in mind.  We don’t launch tactics in search Employees of a strategy.  So, slapping a Twitter page up and posting an update once a для week won’t cut it.  Sure, it’s easy – but will it get you results?  Will it drive sales, membership, awareness or another end goal? Probably not.  It could even negatively impact your organization’s reputation or cause.  …And then you could urgently need our PR counsel!

Contact us to learn more about how GRC ‘s experienced wholesale jerseys social media team can help craft your social media campaign using our PR approach.


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