How I Learned to Type Quickly

How I Learned to Type Quickly

Back in elementary school we set aside an hour each week to visit the computer lab and learn how to type efficiently. I don’t recall the computer program we should used but the name Mavis Beacon comes to mind.  The animated teacher on the screen spelled out sentences and jerseys students were required to replicate the sentences in the fastest time with the most accuracy. Unfortunately, typing at fast speeds was not my forte.

Then the days of AOL Instant Messaging came around, better known as AIM to my peers. Every cheap jerseys day I Jerseys would come home and log on to AIM to chat with my classmates. Conversing over IM became a fun past time and before I even realized it, my typing abilities morphed into the speeds I never imagined possible.  Soon I was carrying on conversations with more than seven people at once and cheap jerseys typing messages as quickly as the thoughts came to wholesale mlb jerseys mind.

Today, children are being exposed to computers and electronics at such a young age that I wouldn’t doubt computer lab time will be cut out of the curriculum (if it has not already). I have seen children as little as 3 years old typing away on the keyboard. Who knows, typing on keyboards may Survey: become a thing of the past with the influx of touch screen capabilities. One cannot forget to mention the advanced dictation applications available on the market.

The acceptance of new technologies and our willingness to integrate them into our lives is an amazing concept. I never imagined a day when I would type more than I would hand write. Yet, learning how to type faster was not a result of the educational practice, it was the result of my eagerness to communicate.

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Gaby Lechin