Getting to Know Our Summer Intern: A Q&A with Kylie Lyall

Aug 07 2017

Getting to Know Our Summer Intern: A Q&A with Kylie Lyall

At Global Results Communications (GRC), our team is dedicated to enhancing the profiles of our clients worldwide. We also understand that in order to achieve excellence within the industry, excellence must first come from within. GRC takes pride in working with a diverse, creative and collaborative team of exceptional individuals, all with something unique to offer.

Meet Kylie Lyall, an intern in her third year as an undergraduate. We recently sat down with her to learn more about her internship experience.

Kylie, what brought you to GRC?
What originally grabbed my attention to GRC, was being able to gain experience in a global and technologically based firm. Being an undergraduate, I wanted to inspire myself to gain real experience where I could push myself in the Public Relations field in addition to providing myself with the knowledge of today’s innovation. I knew before going in that GRC was recognized with awards for Excellence in Media Relations, Public Relations and more. Knowing all of these things allowed me to receive as much information as possible and to work as hard as I could.

What were your first thoughts and observations when starting the internship?
My first observation when starting was that the team at GRC was beyond kind and helpful. Everyone works so exceedingly hard around the office. I was positively influenced throughout the day because of the team’s work ethic. I found that everyone is supportive and accommodating with anything I worked on and can carry fun and humor in addition to working extremely hard and attentively.

What are a few of your experiences as an Intern?
As an Intern, I was given a plethora of experiences. Some of my favorite experiences at GRC consisted of working alongside managing directors and VP’s to develop coverage books, listen in on conference calls with clients, stretch my knowledge within Social Media relations, conduct analyst report research and work on drafting pitches. Having half a degree under my belt prior to this internship couldn’t compare to the amount of understanding I gained as working alongside the GRC Team. At GRC, everyone was beyond supportive and encouraging each and every day. I felt that I was appreciated for everything I worked on and was always pushed to give it my all.

How was your internship experience different from what you expected?
My internship differed from what I expected in the sense that I thought I would mainly be researching information but I was completely wrong. Around the end of my first week, I was listening in on calls with clients, performing some follow-up calls myself, helping with creating coverage books and working on drafting pitches- which was my favorite.

What challenges have you been faced with while being at GRC?
You know, I am sure there were many challenges. But I love a good challenge! I believe that being challenged is necessary to grow and learn. I think one of the challenges I faced at GRC was in doing research; I had to be patient and extremely thorough in my research. However, once the research was done for a certain project I had felt much more knowledgeable on the topic and confident in what I produced for the team.

What advice would you give to other Interns and others that are in your position?
The advice I have for others wanting to intern is to be open to everything and smile! Everyone at GRC is truly there to help YOU. Take it all in- there is so much to learn and the entire team is more than willing to provide knowledge. And when you do it with a smile, you’ll feel even more a part of the family.

How has your career plans changed due to your internship experience?
To be honest, although majoring in PR, I did not really know where I saw myself working in the future. I thought I always desired an online platform of my own. Of course I still want something of my own, but since this internship, I have found myself desiring a position out of college at a firm where I will be pushed, encouraged and challenged daily. I think working at a PR Firm will set goals for myself and bring out many more accomplishments for my future.

What skills did you acquire during your internship that you will be able to highlight in your resume, cover letters and/or interviews?
The list of skills acquired from my internship that I will be highlighting for future use is extensive. Skills include media relations research, media list building, general editing, Social Media research, conducting emails, conducting phone calls, creating monthly reports, proactive pitching, blog initiatives, developing coverage books and more.

If you could give someone advice, in general, what would you say?
Life is way too short to not gain EVERY experience you’re given. I would say to just take in every experience and opportunity that is placed in front of you. There really isn’t anything better than the experiences we have.

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