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For Start-Ups: Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising – What’s the Difference?

Most start-up companies work on a shoe-string budget for years to create something new and compelling for potential customers. But when it comes time to launch their product or service, many find themselves a bit lost in trying to understand the difference between the main communications fields – public relations, marketing and advertising.   There’s a saying that “advertising is what you pay for, publicity is what you pray for.” While the saying holds true for the uninitiated, public relations professionals know most coverage is earned (maybe with a few prayers thrown...

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Getting to Know GRC: A Q&A with Patrick LeBeau

At Global Results Communications (GRC), our team is dedicated to enhancing the profiles of our clients worldwide. We also understand that in order to achieve excellence within the industry, excellence must first come from within. GRC takes pride in working with a diverse, creative and collaborative team of exceptional individuals, all with something unique to offer.   Meet Patrick LeBeau, an associate in his first year at GRC. We recently sat down with him to learn more about his first few months.     How long have you been at GRC and what has your...

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GRC Staff Spotlight: A Q&A with Andrew Henrys

At GRC, our team is dedicated to enhancing the profiles of our clients worldwide. We also understand that in order to achieve excellence within the industry, excellence must first come from within. GRC takes pride in working with a diverse, creative and collaborative team of exceptional individuals, all with something unique to offer.   Meet Andrew Henrys, an Account Executive originally from Melbourne, Australia. Andrew has an extensive PR background with experience in media relations, project management, public relations strategy and public affairs. Andrew has worked for a number of globally recognized...

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The challenges of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) in an increasingly connected age

The systematic gathering of information from publicly available sources can be classified into open source information (OSINF), and open source intelligence (OSINT) or data developed from Intel analysis of public sources. And, while open sources aren’t the only source for intelligence data, they are commonly the first source of information.   The Evolution of OSINT The exploitation of openly and legally available information is as ancient as the use of intelligence as a tool for collecting information with regard to national defense and security. In 1941, the United States established the Foreign Broadcast...

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Best Ways to Maximize Your PR Agency Partnership

Many companies hire a public relations firm to help increase exposure of their product or service, but sometimes may not fully understand that it takes a certain level of client participation to execute a successful PR campaign. Below are a few ways that companies can leverage their agency partnerships to ensure a highly productive working relationship and get the best return on investment. Tell Your PR Firm Everything - Many companies have real news they often don’t recognize  themselves.  That’s what we’re here for.  We’re news experts.  So, please, feel free to...

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Lack of Judgment and How It Can Be Avoided

Did you catch the 9/11 mattress sale video? How about the Knott’s VR ride? Face masks anyone? (Check out the links if you don’t know what we’re referring to.) These examples cross over a very thin line, representing nothing more than poor judgment. This is why public relations plans are so important. More importantly, taking the proper steps to think ideas through or play a little devil’s advocate before moving forward with a potential “edgy” idea. Instead they find themselves suffering the consequences and having to kick their crisis PR strategy...

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Global Results Communications Sponsors 3rd Annual Love & Autism Conference

Global PR & digital media agency creates awareness of autism misconceptions at annual conference   SAN DIEGO - October 7, 2016 – Global Results Communications (GRC), is excited to announce its support for the 3rd Annual Love & Autism Conference at the Liberty Station Conference Center in San Diego from October 8-9. The Love & Autism Conference provides a unique experience while raising awareness of the paradigms about love, relationships, dating and friendships for those with autism. "The Love & Autism conference is something we’ve been looking forward to,” said Valerie Christopherson, Agency...

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NFL still the more techy-savvy of all professional league sports

The NFL is no stranger to change via technology. In 1966, the Houston Oilers introduced the league to its first installment of artificial turf. At the time, it was praised for providing a low-maintenance solution to field management and adding more speed to the game, but some experts may argue now that it has introduced more injuries to the game, including “turf toe” and “turf burn” than speed. Technology has also impacted in-game communication and decisions with the inclusion of in-helmet radio receivers for quarterbacks and instant replay to help...

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Global Results Communications Expands Growing Client Roster With Addition of ONVI

GRC’s client expansion comes soon after ONVI’s launch of groundbreaking dental technology product Irvine, CA – August 3, 2016 – Global Results Communications (GRC), a leading global public relations and advanced digital media firm specializing in the mobile and tech industries, has announced ONVI as its newest client, a pioneer in dental health that designs groundbreaking products and services that empowers people to improve their oral health habits. GRC’s tailored public relations efforts will increase nationwide awareness of ONVI. The strategic efforts will leverage media and analyst relations to generate coverage in top-tier...

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Tips on how to land your dream internship

Landing your dream internship can be challenging and a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right tips and a well-tailored cover letter and resume, finding the right internship can be easier than you think. The Cover Letter Writing cover letters can be tedious at times and as a result, people look to the internet to search for an already existing template to use. Because of this, the vast majority of cover letters read the same. It’s important to stand out from pack of internship-seekers and develop...

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